Ride Safe

For your own and other road user’s safety please observe the following:

  • REMEMBER, it is not a race. Be a good advert for cycling and show consideration to other road users - even if they don't respect your space.
  • YOU MUST wear your official rider number on the day.
  • NEVER ride more than two abreast.
  • DO NOT attempt any dangerous passing.
  • It is forbidden to cross the centre line of the road.
  • Keep your distance from other cyclists at all times, as some may be inexperienced.
  • Don't go crazy down hills. Please signal any intention to turn left or right and don't stop suddenly - there may be cars or other cyclists directly behind you.
  • NEVER cycle on the pavement or a footpath unless instructed by a Ride Marshal
  • SLOW DOWN when passing horses. Indicate of your presence (by bell or calling out) and pass wide on the right. Horses can be dangerous when startled.
  • Please do not ask friends or family to drive along the course.
  • Private support vehicles are not allowed on the route during the event, as this could be hazardous for other cyclists and may obstruct emergency vehicles.
  • ALL riders should bring and wear a cycling helmet for the duration of the event. A selection of helmets will be available for purchase at the Start (subject to availability)
  • Riders under 14yrs MUST be accompanied by an adult over 18yrs.
  • All riders aged 60 or over on the date of the ride and any rider with a medical condition or unsure of their physical ability to take part in the bike ride are advised to take medical advice from a general practitioner prior to the event.

Charities We Support

Organised by the Rotary Clubs of St Albans Charity Cycle Ride. Charity Number 1169651.

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