Sponsorship Packages

The St Albans Charity Cycle Ride is not only a community event. It has helped to raise around £40,000 per annum over many years for charities and other good causes. The general aim is to ensure that what riders pay in entry fees and the sponsorship they themselves raise should all go to those charities and good causes with the overheads necessarily incurred in organising the Cycle Ride being met by corporate sponsorship.

The matrix [below] sets out three distinct groups of sponsors:




£500.00 or Less

Bronze sponsors are those which pay less than £500. They will be automatically entitled to the benefits indicated under the Bronze heading;

£500.00 to £1999

Silver sponsors are those which pay between £500 and £1999. They will automatically be entitled to the benefits indicated under the Silver heading; and

£2000 or more

Gold sponsors are those which pay £2000 or more. They will automatically be entitled to the benefits indicated under the Silver heading.


Once an organisation has applied to become a sponsor by completing the application form [on the page of this website headed Becoming a Sponsor] a member of The St Albans Charity Cycle Ride committee will contact it with a view to discussing any issues of doubt either face to face or over the telephone to suit the applicant. Once details of the sponsorship have been agreed they will be put into an email to the applicant with a request that they be confirmed by email in reply. Payment of the agreed amount of sponsorship will unless otherwise agreed be due 4 weeks after that reply is sent.

It is entirely at the discretion of sponsors whether they wish their names and logos to be associated publically with The St Albans Charity Cycle Ride or whether they wish to give anonymously. If any sponsor agrees a package but afterwards does not provide artwork for its logo or (for Silver and Gold sponsors) the wording for its page on The St Albans Charity Cycle Ride website, this will not affect its obligation to pay when due the amount to which it has committed itself.

SACCR Sponsor Packages

Sponsorship Includes Description Bronze Silver Gold
Digital confirmation when users register for the event Once a user registers online, they receive a confirmation email. We will include your company logo & name in the email sent out to registrants. 
Reminder emails  After registering and up until the event, participants will receive reminder emails with useful information. We will include sponsor logos in these emails. 
Post event communication Similar to pre-event reminder emails, we will send out post event emails to encourage next year’s participation. We will announce an event summary too. We will place our sponsor logos in these emails to raise awareness of their work and support for SACCR. 
Exhibitions and advertising boards at the event On the day of the event, we will place sponsor exhibition stands and/or advertising boards adjacent to the cyclists' registration point.  
Marketing Posters  Prior to the event, we will distribute marketing posters to raise awareness of the St Albans Charity Cycle Ride. We will include our sponsor logos in these promotional posters.   
Social Media handles  - SACCR has various social media channels including Facebook. We will dedicate a section of our handles to our sponsors to raise awareness of their business & support they provide for the St Albans Charity Cycle Ride.   
Whatsapp  SACCR promotion posters can also be digitally broadcasted via Whatsapp. We will include the logos of our sponsors on these posters.   
Sponsor page on website We will dedicate a page or a sub-section of a page to our sponsors.    
Social media paid marketing  We will include logos of our sponsors on the frame of our paid social media posts.   
Mention in speeches We will mention our sponsors in speeches and announcements throughout the day.  
Promotional Items Sponsors will be given the opportunity to provide SACCR with promotional items they would like to be distributed amongst participants and visitors.      
Main checkpoints  The most visited check-point during the race is check-point 6. We will dedicate a checkpoint to each sponsor for it to decorate and man.    
QR code prints Our participants will be asked to print their barcodes to use for registration & scanning at check-points. The Printouts will include the logo of our sponsors.     
Special promotion talk  We will give sponsors the opportunity to present at the Presentation Evening following the Event.     
Rider's Certificate  Each rider completing his/her course will receive a certificate on which sponsors' logos will appear.    
Cost    Under £500 £500+ or more £2000+ or more

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Organised by the Rotary Clubs of St Albans Charity Cycle Ride. Charity Number 1169651.

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